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Re: MiNT-Net+ Telnet

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Evan Langlois <ekl@metronet.com> wrote:

>I want to do the reverse.  Dial-in via PPP to work, with MiNT and use
>as a remote dumb-X-terminal.  Any pointers/thoughts on proper set-up?  I
>only have 4MB and can't upgrade (STE).

A simple way to do this is to install the WWW-kit from TAF. Follow the
instructions, set up the ppp-connection and telnet to your server.

The you have to set the environment-variable DISPLAY like this:

  setenv DISPLAY x.x.x.x:0:0

where x.x.x.x is the IP-address you got when you logged in. If you have a
static adress it's even simpler, then you can set this variable in your

Now you can start x-programs remotely, just as if you sat in front of a
"real" x-terminal. Be sure that the remote server is allowed to use your
display though! If you get an error complaining about this, use the
xhost-command on your Atari:

  xhost remote.server

Jo Even Skarstein