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Re: a present

>  From: david mann <dmann@lane.k12.or.us>, on 11/14/96 5:36 PM:
>  >Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 11:28:35
>  >
>  >From: david mann <dmann@lane.k12.or.us>
>  >Subject: Re: a present
>  >
>  >At 08:48 AM 11/14/96 -0700, you wrote:
>  >Take five minutes to read this and it WILL change your life.
>  >
>  >The Internet has grown tremendously. It doubles in size every 4 months,
>  >think about it. You see those 'Make.Money.Fast' posts more and more. That's
>  >... because it WORKS! So I thought, all those new users might make it work.
>  >And I decided to try it out a few months ago. Besides, what's $5.00, I
>  >spend more than that in the morning on my way to work on coffee and cigs
>  >for the day. So I sent in my money and posted. Everyone was calling it a
>  >scam, but there are SO many new users from AOL, Netcom, etc. they will join
>  >in and make it work for you. Well, two weeks later, I began recieving bucks
>  >in the mail! I couldn't believe it! Not just a little, I mean big bucks! At
>  >first only a few hundred dollars, then a week later, a couple of thousand,
>  >then BOOM.
>  >By the end of the fourth week, I had recieved nearly $47,000.00. It came
>  >from all over the world. And every bit of it perfectly legal and on the up
>  >and up. I've been able to pay off all my bills and still had enough left
>  >over for a nice vacation for me and my family.
>  >
>  >Not only does it work for me, it works for other folks as well. Markus
>  >Valppu says he made $57,883 in four weeks. Dave Manning claims he made
>  >$53,664 in the same amount of time. Dan Shepstone says it was only $17,000
>  >for him. Do I know these folks? No, but when I read how they say they did
>  >it, it made sense to me. Enough sense that I'm taking a similar chance with
>  >$5 of my own bucks. Not a big chance, I admit--but one with incredible
>  >potential, because $5 is all anyone ever invests in this system. Period.
>  >That's all Markus, Dave, or Dan invested, yet their $5 netted them tens of
>  >thousands of dollars each, in a safe, legal, completely legitimate way.
>  >
>  >Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:
>  >
>  >STEP 1.
>  >Invest your $5 by writing your name and address on five seperate pieces of
>  >paper along with the words: "PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR MAILING LIST." (In this
>  >way, you're not just sending a dollar to someone; you're paying for a
>  >legitimate service.) Fold a $1 bill, money order, or bank note inside each
>  >paper, and mail them by standard U. S. Mail to the following five
>  >addresses:
>  >
>  >1- Natalie Jansen
>  >Lancveldlaan 18
>  >5671 CN Nuenen
>  >
>  >2- Chad Collier
>  >2785 Cold Springs Rd. #49
>  >Placerville, CA 95667
>  >USA
>  >
>  >3- Andre Cabernite Horn
>  >Rua General Urquisa, 235 apt.1408
>  >CEP: 22431-001 Leblon
>  >Rio de Janeiro
>  >
>  >4- Peace
>  >PO BOX 2353,
>  >Bandar Seri Begawan 1923,
>  >Brunei Darussalam,
>  >South East Asia.
>  >
>  >5-Amanda Wolf
>  >2920 Vaughn St. #6
>  >cincinnati oh 45219
>  >USA
>  >5-David Mann
>   89201 sherwood Is Rd
>   florence Or. 97439
>   usa
Been there, done that. When I was a stupid ass I tried this bullshit. It looks
good on paper but it never 
works in the real world. You'll have postal inspectors on your back and will be
out a shitload in mailing 
costs. Take it from one who's been there. If your smart or even a half-wit
delete this message and forget get rich quick schemes. The only way to get rich
quick is to win the lottery, inherit a fortune or be born 
wealthy. Only a true fool would involve himself in this illegal pyramid scheme.

Edward Courtney
Virtual Reality For Your Mind