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Re: a present

Howard Chu wrote:

> Please note - I see that you're sending from a site in the USA, and
> what you're advocating is illegal in the USA. Your message has crossed
> several state boundaries, making this an attempt to conduct illegal
> interstate trade, and this activity falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI.
> If your postmaster does not take action to stop you, then your entire site
> becomes liable and we can and will shut you down.

Note his address of <cool.and.hot@its-a-free-world.com> -- you can
pretty much assume that it's a forged return address.  Spammers don't
usually like to get caught and shut down, etc...  So they forge an email
address that you cannot reply to.

Sorry to keep cluttering all of the lists with more and more drivel, but
I thought I'd sent out a final note to everyone to request that you
don't include the entire text of this spam when sending out follow up
mail...  I've now seen this garbage about 6 times, which means 6 times
more data than necessary has scurted across the net, and landed on our
respective mailhosts.

This stuff is annoying, but right now, there isn't a whole lot we can do
about it.  I suggest just a shrug of the shoulders, a click (or a press
for us Unix people) of the delete key, and going on about our business. 
There are some gurus who can track these annoying jerks down and flood
their mailboxes with e-mail bombs, forcing their administrators to
cancel their accounts, but unless one of us is willing to go through all
that trouble, then we may want to just accept that the state of the net
these days allows this behaviour, and it is likely here to stay.

Good day...!


Daniel James - Database Administrator                djames@statsci.com
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