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Re: a present

  Take five minutes to read this and it WILL change your life.

Surely "the right way" does not include breaking the law, as this email
message would have you do. Regardless of whether or not pyramid schemes
are illegal in your country, you are also violating the proper use
guidelines of Usenet and most mailing lists. Usenet discussion groups
exist to discuss particular topics. The MiNT mailing list exists specifically
to discuss the implementation and usage of a specific multitasking
operating system. This kind of drivel that you send is totally
unacceptable. As administrator of the MiNT mailing list, I am giving
you fair warning here, and notifying your postmaster.

Please note - I see that you're sending from a site in the USA, and
what you're advocating is illegal in the USA. Your message has crossed
several state boundaries, making this an attempt to conduct illegal
interstate trade, and this activity falls under the jurisdiction of the FBI.
If your postmaster does not take action to stop you, then your entire site
becomes liable and we can and will shut you down.

  -- Howard Chu