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Mac and MiNT: Some questions

If there were a Mac emulator for MiNT on 68030 and greater Atari computers,
would the programs have to run in a Mac HFS file system or would it be
possible for them to run under Minix?  Does Spectre GCR/128 work properly
with a PAK/030?   What is the situation with Dave Small?  Their were
approximately 3 or 4 Mac emulators running on the Amiga, would it be
possible for one of those companies to take over support for the Spectre
Cartridges, making their own software to drive the emulation, perhaps
evolving it to the point of full color and system  7.x compatibility.  My
Spectre128 helped me to learn about Macintosh computers and helped me to
get jobs based on my knowledge of Microsoft Word, PageMaker, etc.  Mac
emulation on a Falcon opens up many new possibilities in terms of Desktop
Video, and other multimedia creation.  With the Falcon's ability to output
to NTSC and PAL as well as S-Video, we already have an enviable ability
compared to Macs and IBM's.
We have computers that are more closely related to Mac's but we decide to
make networking software to connect to IBM's via serial with Blitz.  There
is not ONE program for networking with a Macintosh, perhaps a Mac version
of MidiCom could be made allowing Atari's and Macs to be connected via the
LAN port.

Amigas don't have Midi ports, DSP or audio input, yet they have Mac
emulation.  That is pitiful.  Perhaps we should just create a version of
UAE the Amiga emulator, for MiNT, then we could run Shapeshifter to finally
get Mac emulation.  A Mac can emulate an Atari with MagicMac but we can't
emuate a Mac.  The Magic people should make a special version of MagiC that
has support for the Spectre cartridges and adds MacOS capabilities to those
Atari computers.

							Peter Ross