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Re: Slowest machine [Was: TCP/IP ick!]

In article <199612072115.WAA22796@uriah.heep.sax.de> you write:
>As Softweyr LLC wrote:
>> My sister needs a machine to run educational programs for her kids,
>> so "boat anchor" is going to her.  I'll be replacing it with "danforth",
>> a 486 DX/33 with a 340 Mb IDE drive.  <Sigh>  It'll be a much more
>> capable server (probably) but it just won't have the character.  ;^)
>Sigh, yep, the good ol' machines are dying away...  My old 386/sx16
>scratchbox with its proud 6 MB of RAM has been upgraded recently to a
>(donated) 386/dx40, and i had to add another couple of Meg of RAM
>then...  Of course, i've kept the old MDA, plus the (For Tests Only)
>QIC-40 drive, plus the Wangtek 5150EQ QIC-24 drive, plus the old
>AHA-1540*A*. ;-)  Ah, forgot, there's a fine WD8003 ethernet card in

:-)  Here is another slow machine...

Connected to jelal.hb.north.de.
Escape character is '^]'.

Welcome to Nowhere. An Atari MSTe running MiNT 1.12h2 (jelal ttyp1)

 (telnet to login:  5 seconds...)

 up until yesterday this was my main connection to the outside world,
routing ppp and uucp over the modem...  it was fast enough to keep the
modem busy...  some two weeks ago the isdn line finally arrived and
since yesterday (finally...) my little subnet is moved to raw hdlc
over isdn.  but the uucp spool is still on it and now over isdn
its getting rates not even that far away from perfect isdn speed!
(one 64kbit B channel)  maybe moving the spool can wait a little longer... ;)

news deceased (1996-12-09 00:29:44.00) received 10711 bytes in 1.585 seconds (67
57 bytes/sec) on port TCP
news deceased (1996-12-09 00:29:56.00) received 71499 bytes in 12.355 seconds (5
787 bytes/sec) on port TCP
news deceased (1996-12-09 00:30:22.00) received 171852 bytes in 24.175 seconds (
7108 bytes/sec) on port TCP
news deceased (1996-12-09 00:30:46.00) received 161329 bytes in 24.110 seconds (
6691 bytes/sec) on port TCP
news deceased (1996-12-09 00:30:56.00) received 65573 bytes in 8.750 seconds (74
94 bytes/sec) on port TCP

 (old version of taylor uucp...)

 Oh and it doesn't even have an ethernet card, there were some available
for it a while ago but they all costed about as much as the machine itself
when it was new...  its all going over a 115200 bps slip link!

 for the non-68k-ers:  68000 CPU at 16 MHz, 32K (i think) cache, bus (16 bit)
running at 8 MHz.  no MMU so no VM, 4 MB RAM.  but also no segment registers...
(the 68k's all have 16 32-bit registers, 8 address and 8 data, no special
accumulator, flat 32 bit address space, 24 bit of which used on the 68000.
IBM should have used one of those when they built their first PC...)

 oh and while i'm at it its keyboard has a loose contact, does someone
have a spare that he dosn't need anymore? (MSTe or TT keyboard, connects
with a western plug)

 yes those were the days...  cheers,