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Help! I am about to loose a lot of messages.

Dear Howard Chu,

I am a subscriber of the Mint mailing list. The first time I subscribed,
the three addresses I have:
reg153@accursio.comune.bologna.it and

were aliases (so all of them where equivalent), and I am currently known to
the list as "reg1537@accursio.comune.bologna.it". The previous statement is
no longer valid, and only "reg1537@iperbole.bologna.it" should be used.
Currently the mail that comes to the first two addresses is forwarded to
the correct one, but in a short time this will stop, and I will loose all
the messages not sent to "reg1537@iperbole.bologna.it".

Could you change in the mail server so that the submissions are correctly sent?

Best regards,
Dante Turrini

|______                                                          ______|
|______ Dante Turrini - via F.Malaguti, 7 - 40126 BOLOGNA, ITALY ______|
|______ e-mail: reg1537@iperbole.bologna.it /Phone:+39 51 243150 ______|
|____ Home page: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/2162 ____|
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|________________ La musica e' vita, la vita e' musica ________________|
|____________________ Music is life, life is music ____________________|
NOTICE: Friends writing to me to "reg1537@comune.bologna.it", please
switch to the right email, or I'll be loosing your mail in a short time.