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Re: "Do you want to go.. FASTER?!"

dsb@cs.duke.edu writes:

> This seems to be the key:  passing the actual baud value to the
> appropriate system call instead of one of the B38400 family #define'd in
> /usr/include/{ioctl,termios}.h.  In fact, if this is the case, we could
> presumably add lines like "#define B115200 115200" to those headers.

If we change our tcsetattr() and friends implementation and make sure
noone tries to pass these new values to the old-style sgtty calls/ioctls...
(which still use small ints for the speeds which is why B9600 currently
is _not_ #defined as 9600, etc.)

 that should be doable but sounds like at least some header file #ifdef
trickery to remain compatible with all old sources.
> >       [...] and if you wonder how the TIOC?BAUD `magically' work
> >above 38400 have a look at the mint kernel source.)
> Yeah. Right. :-O  I managed to trace it from tcsetattr() as far as the
> TIOC?BAUD Fcntl()'s, and then got lost.

 they simply get passed down to the hsmodem that you hopefully have
installed before :) mint...  look somewhere in bios.c or biosfs.c,
if i remember right.

>  But if that works, I think I
> know where in the pppd source to start poking...  Thanks.
> 						-sbigham