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Re: "Do you want to go.. FASTER?!"

Juergen Lock writes:

>  hmm which reminds me.  the TT had a nice (or even two?)

 sorry, only one, either receive or send, but not both simultainously :(

> DMA channel for its SCC chip, did anyone ever use that? that should
> have got it some nice throughput with much lower CPU load and no
> receiver overruns...

 in fact I did write such a driver for linux68k on my TT, but I'm
still getting broken receive data, apparently when I *send* out data
at the same time using the normal tx_int. I'm wondering if that might
also be a hardware bug, but my TT should have a rather new revision
and all the rumous I've heard about these problems you mention only
cover MSTEs and sound a bit different to me.