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Re: "Do you want to go.. FASTER?!"

dsb@cs.duke.edu wrote:
> Success!  ~10K/sec FTP rates first try!  For those who are interested
> (and in case this question ever comes up again), I've included the
> diffs below.  Yes, it's ugly; yes, it may be unnecessarily circuitous;
> but hey, it works. ;)
> 						-sbigham
> --
> *** pppd/main.c.orig	Fri Dec  9 16:44:12 1994
> --- pppd/main.c	Sun Dec 15 17:03:28 1996

Thanks you (and Juergen Lock too)!  I'd started looking at this a while back
and had got as far as poking around the MiNT internals but was sidetracked
by other things.  I grabbed pppd, fiddled with the patches and now I also
have pppd at 115200 baud :)  Wish my PC could keep up, 'cos I can only get
~ 6K/sec tops!


PS.  I patched sys-mint.c not main.c.
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