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New tw100 version : 0.94

Hi there,

I've uploaded to ftp.cnam.fr a new Toswin release based on J.D.Coleman's tw100,
Tw100 0.94 includes :
- AES 4.1 iconification support.
- New AES messages handling (WM_ONTOP WM_UNTOPPED WM_BOTTOM).
- Two RSC files (One with monochrome icon, one with a color one).
- Some bug fixes.
- Shorter window titles.
- Of course the VT100 emulation by J.D. Coleman plus his gdos fonts,
  termcap and terminfo files and the Warwick Allison's extensions.

It's located at ftp.cnam.fr in directory /pub/Atari/Mint, 
you'll find there the files tw100-94bin.lzh (executables) and tw100-94src.lzh
Eddy MORFAN <morfan@etu.info.unicaen.fr>