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DVD Development

Here is a link to some information that I have found on a DVD authoring
system.  This is for the Mac.  I feel that a similar system could be
developed for the Falcon040 and similar clone systems such as the
Phoenix, Evolution and the Hades with the StarTrack DSP card.  The
Evolution appears to be the only computer system that will have '060
upgradability as well as having 8 audio outs built in, and a 56002
general purpose DSP.  This makes Falcon computers ideal for DVD playback
and authoring.  We already can playback Mpeg2 audio and have the ability
to create Quicktime and AVI movies, why not take it to the next level? 
We all feel that the Atari  created computing platform offers multimedia
capabilities as yet not embrassed by other computing platforms (the only
other home computers with 8 audio channels are the Archimedes and the
AppleIIGS, Archimedes was never released world wide and the AppleIIGS
has long since bitten the dust).  Falcon platform with it's NTSC/PAL
video output, fast computational ability, and ease of use seems to be
ideal to me for taking over where the Amiga reigned.  DVD is a new media
which is perfectly suited for TOS based workstations.  Matrox has a PCI
based FILM media bus standard called MovieBus-2.  This should work fine
on the Hades and the Phoenix (when this becomes available), if the
software is created for it.  I am courious to any responses.  Thank you.

										Peter Ross