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Subject: NFS-trouble

Hi all,
I'm trying to get nfs working here, and unfortuneately I have some Problems :-(
First of all: when nfsd is started at startup it runs as root. When I mount a
drive in loopback-mode (mount localhost:/e/pc-files /nfs/pcfs) and I access this,
nfsd changes its owner and permissions (two numbers, I don't exactly remember them).
This wouldn't be a problem, but due to this, I can't do for e.g. a chmod unless I'm
the root-user.
The second thing is, that I have a small PC running win3.11. I found a Program 
called OMNI-NFS (http://www.xlink.com) which allows the PC to do nfs-mounts and
to act as a nfs-server. The Program is commercial, but the demo is fully functional
exept of a timelimit, you have to restart the program all 20 minutes, but for testing
it is enough.
mounting a drive from the pc to the atari is absolutely no problem, everything works 
just fine.
But mounting a drive on the pc is a problem. The drive mounts ok, and when accessing
it through the filemanager, I am allowed to read everything. I'm also allowed to
create and delete directorys or to write files with zero length. But everytime I want
to copy a file with some contents to the mounted drive, the Filemanager answers that
he was unable to create the file...
Another thing is that I'm not allowed to change the name of a directory I created?!
There's definitely something going wrong here.
I know that there were some Problems when mounting drives from a atari to a linux-pc,
perhabs this is the same.

My xtab looks like this:

/e/pc-files -access=dose:localhost:ebertbd:bilaniuk
# dose is the name of the pc running win3.11

Does somebody have a description of the xtab-file?

How can I make nfs working when somebody is root-user?