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Re: heeelp!

> >Could you make a more accurate description of your problem ?
> >(setup, mint version ...)
> >You may use it under plain TOS but I'm not sure...

Should work as long include / binary names won't cnonflict when cut to
8+3 characters. I myself use GCC 2.3.3 (for it's smallness and working
-mbaserel option) on a TOS-fs.

> i have set up all the requierd environment variables ( all of them , even 
> the older ones  CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH , ..., GCCLIB ... etc)

To place you put your stuff I presume? I guess that you'll use unix style
files names in enviroment variables too and have set UNIXPATH enviroment
(path translation configuration for GNU/MiNTLib binaries) variable right
(eg. '/rub')?

> but when i installed v1.12 it went on.. the C code was compiled but some times 
> , i mean for certain files, it exits with errors , i don't recall at the moment.

You sure you don't have any errors in your code? :-)
With a bourne shell (eg. ksh) you can redirect stderr to a file like this:
	gcc stuff.c 2> file
(2 = stderr file descriptor)

> and for the C++ code and when i use library it says " _new_builtin_vectore 
> variabl not found " thats what i recall . so i thought i might be the crt0.o 

Hmm... If you compile C code I recommend GCC 2.5.8, if C++ or both then
GCC 2.7.2.x (implements a lot more of C++ 'standard' than earlier versions).

> or similar files which are old, so i brought *.o for mint and it gave me 
> even more unknown variables.

Of course your MiNTLib includes and libraries should be of same patchlevel.
Try to get the newest C++ lib you can find.

	- Eero