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gcc -O[|1|2] doesn't work

I've recently been using gcc on my Atari Falcon a lot more (for my final year
project) and have been compiling the code with no optimisation (it gets
recompiled an awful lot, so just want it to compile as quickly as possible).

I was using gcc 2.6.3 for a while, and noticed that the -O switch caused gcc
to give out an illegal instruction. As does -O1 and -O2. At the time, I didn't
think much of it, since I didn't really use C for much.

When gcc 2.7.2 became available recently, I thought I'd install that so see if
this optimisation problem had been fixed (presuming at the time that it was
gcc's fault). Unfortunately, it still gives our illegal instruction!

Does anyone know what's going on? I was wondering if gcc uses some floating
point operations or something and was trying to use the FPU, which would
certainly cause rpoblems since I don't have an FPU chip!



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