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Re: high-speed serial connections

Torsten Lang <Torsten.Lang@ap.physik.uni-giessen.de> writes:

|> P. S. there are some other things to mention:
|>       1. gcc passes wrong values for sozeof()!!!

No, it doesn't.

|>          Every version of gcc including 2.7.2 (the port of Frank Naumann)
|>          round the sizeof value of structures to even values (word boundary).

This is correct because structures are always padded to word boundaries on
this configuration.  A very desireable thing to do, since odd word
accesses on 68000 cause crashes.

|>          This behaviour causes big trouble in many cases (e. g. my port of
|>          mkisofs-1.05 - a ISO9660 + RRIP formatter will not work when compiled
|>          with MiNT gcc! So I compiled it under Linux/68k gcc and only linked
|>          it with MiNT gcc).
|>          Dows anyone know a reason for this problem???

It's not a problem.  Try __attribute__ ((packed)).

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