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Re: PPP @ 115200 bps

According to Petr Stehlik:

>I have never understood for what the HSMINST was written. If I run
>HS-Modem before MiNT, CoNnect can't use Serial2 port. If I install
>HSMINST, in /dev two devices appear - HSMODEM2 and HSSERIAL2, but since
>CoNnect doesn't know them it's still doesn't work.

I tested a lot that days, and found it working best (if not the
only usable) with HSMINST. And I have the following in my MINT.CNF:

ren u:\dev\HSMODEM1 u:\dev\ttya
ren u:\dev\HSSERIAL2 u:\dev\ttyd

You can use modem1 instead of ttyd.

Ciao, Stefan