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Re: PPP @ 115200 bps

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Stefan Haake wrote:

> >> Yes, of course. I have HS-Modem 07 installed in AUTO folder before MiNT.
> >> 
> MiNT doesn't leave much of HSModem, I think.

MiNT replaces XBRA or Cookie-jar of HS-Modem (don't remember exactly), but
the routines of HS-Modem are used under MiNT, I believe. 

> You may test HSMINST, look at ftp.uni-muenster.de/pub/atari/Mint/Devices.

I have never understood for what the HSMINST was written. If I run
HS-Modem before MiNT, CoNnect can't use Serial2 port. If I install
HSMINST, in /dev two devices appear - HSMODEM2 and HSSERIAL2, but since
CoNnect doesn't know them it's still doesn't work.

I really don't understand it...

BTW, I just ran pure MiNTOS (without N.AES) and the serial2 with 115200bps
was a bit more useable - 6000 cps in both directions. That means that
N.AES causes the lock-ups when receiving ftp data @ 115200!! What could be
wrong with N.AES?

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