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NCurses 4.1


if anyone is interested, I have compiled the new NCurses 4.1 for MiNT (it
was really straightforward - just 'configure' and 'make').

I have also patched it for TOS's VT52 emulator, so now curses based
programs can run under TOS as well (you can check some funny test games at
my WWW page).

I can't post any diffs yet, because I have problems with 'read()' in
MiNTlibs - it doesn't return scan codes of special keys (function and
arrow keys). I have developed a workaround, but it looks ugly. If you have
any clue how to solve it properly, please let me know, thanks.

    WWW: http://ft3.zlin.vutbr.cz/stehlik/home.htm
 e-mail: stehlik@cas3.zlin.vutbr.cz
netmail: 2:421/36@fidonet.org, 90:1200/2@nest.ftn