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Re: a time for MiNTlibs pl47?

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Frank Bartels wrote:

> Petr Stehlik wrote:
> > it's been a looong time since last MiNTlibs update (longer than two
> > years!). In the mean time quite a few patches have been sent to this list. 
> > Isn't the highest time for new MiNTlibs release? If the original
> > maintainers are out of MiNT world, would anybody be willing to collect and
> > apply the patches and release new version of MiNTlibs? 
> I think that would be a very good idea. I even forgot how my Ataris
> looked like. :) FreeBSD rox. nox?

I could offer my services as "librarian", or keeper, of the
libs, at least until someone who is truly qualified comes forth. 
But you would have to accept two big shortcomings.  Namely,

1. I could not go over the code and make improvements of my own. 
I am a knowledgeable Unix _user_, but not a C programmer.

2. I would not be able to judge the quality of individual
patches;  I would need informed opinions from third parties
before I could proceed and make changes to the distribution. 

On the positive side... I am willing and able to give the libs a
home, apply patches, and update the source and binary
distributions. If this is acceptable, with the limitations I
stated, let me know.