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Re: a time for MiNTlibs pl47?

Ok folks...  I have begun work on what I hope will become
PL47 of the MiNTlibs.  So far, I have incorporated four main
patches into the old PL46.  They go as follows:

Andreas Schwabb:  more robust _unx2dos and _dos2unx.

Jerry@zedat.fu-berlin.de: better time-handling.

Dirk Stadler: multiple patches, mostly dealing with
              removing dependencies on the __mint variable.

Wolfgang Lux: a few improvements in file handling.

I got the impression, from Petr Stehlik's message, that his
scan-code patch is still a work in progress, perhaps not to be
included yet.  Comments, Petr, anyone? 

In each case, I have taken into account the comments and
improvements that were made by others on the MiNT mailing list. 

Once I am satisfied I have a sound set of files, I will
release a mega-patch, and binaries for those who want to
test them.  Could be three days from now, could be ten;
I will be busy at work for the next few days.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.  Patches should be
submitted to the MiNT list so other people can comment on them. 

Yves Pelletier