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Re: a time for MiNTlibs pl47?

On Mon, 16 Jun 1997, Yves Pelletier wrote:

Hi Yves,

> Andreas Schwabb:  more robust _unx2dos and _dos2unx.
> Jerry@zedat.fu-berlin.de: better time-handling.

is this the UTC patch?  I hope it isn't.

> Dirk Stadler: multiple patches, mostly dealing with
>               removing dependencies on the __mint variable.

This is something we should discuss first. I've been  talking with MagiC 
developer who told me MagiC was not fully MiNT compatible...

> I got the impression, from Petr Stehlik's message, that his
> scan-code patch is still a work in progress, perhaps not to be
> included yet.  Comments, Petr, anyone? 

the patch for  read.c will probably never be incorporated,  it's  too 
dirty. But the  stat() patch should be put in. Also, there are some 
annoying bugs in other file routines (e.g. statfs(), chdir())  dealing 
with current  directory ("./"). I haven't fixed it  yet, though.

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