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Re: a time for MiNTlibs pl47?

On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Sven Karlsson wrote:

> Since I'm developing Fenix there are two things I would like to see
> in mintlibs:
> 1) Fenix is fully multithreaded. Making mintlibs MT-safe is necessarily.
>    If noone else want to do this I would have to do it myself.. :-(

This would make the libs better for MiNT and MagiC as well,
wouldn't it?

> 2) Fenix has (rather) good support for shared and dynamically loaded
>    libraries. Adapting mintlibs to this ie splitting it into smaller
>    libraries would also be a idea. 

This also looks like a good idea to me (although I can't presume
to grasp all the implications).  Naturally, there would be a
-DSTATIC compilation switch that would return the libs to their
current behaviour?  Would it be conceivable that the MiNT kernel
could be made to work with Fenix's model of shared, dynamically
loaded libs?  (This is not to start a MiNT vs Fenix thread; it
just seems reasonable to assume that the two will co-exist for
some time.)