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MiNTlib compatibillity (Was: a time for MiNTlibs pl47?)

To the question where to use the MiNTlibs and where to run programs compiled
with MiNTlibs:

Should we have some more compiling switches in the lib sources or use them as
a catch all Atari environments libary?

More switches like MINTONLYENV would make programs smaller and faster - 8Mhz :-)
(and for people like me compiling nearly anything by myself).

Another suggestion is to create a MiNT-stub for the GNUlib, so we don't have
to maintain a complete library - only the OS interface (maybe different stubs
a catch-all stub, a MiNT-only stub, A Fenix stub, etc.).

        jerry@merlin.abacus.de          jerry@zedat.fu-berlin.de