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Re: MiNTlib compatibillity (Was: a time for MiNTlibs pl47?)

On Mon, 23 Jun 1997, Jerry Geiger wrote:

> Should we have some more compiling switches in the lib sources
> or use them as a catch all Atari environments libary? 

I see no problem with that, myself, as long as compilation
defaults to the catch-all.

> More switches like MINTONLYENV would make programs smaller and
> faster - 8Mhz :-)  (and for people like me compiling nearly
> anything by myself). 

Sven was mentionning that the libs need to be made capable to
cope with a multi-threaded environment, and more useable as
shareable dynamically loaded libs.  The restructuring you are
suggesting might come fairly naturally in that context. 

> Another suggestion is to create a MiNT-stub for the GNUlib, so
> we don't have to maintain a complete library - only the OS
> interface (maybe different stubs a catch-all stub, a MiNT-only
> stub, A Fenix stub, etc.). 

I agree it would save work in the long run, and improve overall
unix compatibility.  Would using the GNUlib save work in the
multi-threading/dynamic loading areas?