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Re: a time for MiNTlibs pl47?

On Tue, 17 Jun 1997, Yves Pelletier wrote:

> I think that, whenever possible, we should take a generous
> approach, in the spirit of copyleft.
> That being said, these are the _MiNT_ libs; development
> priorities should centre on MiNT.  MagiC is a proprietary OS,
> and although I am genuinely happy that they find the MiNTlibs
> useful, it is up to them to pursue compatibility with MiNT if
> they want to keep using the libs.

I wouldn't say that. I was sooo happy when I found out my PARCP, developed
under MiNT with minix-fs worked so well under MagiC with V-FAT! I was
afraid I wouldn't be able to program the V-FAT file system handling - you
can imagine how much I was surprised when I found out it worked without
any changes, just thanks to MiNTlibs. So, I would like to even improve
compatibility of MiNTlibs on all three OSes - MiNT, MagiC and TOS.

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