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RE: VFAT.XFS versus MagiC

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Jo Even Skarstein wrote:

> IMHO one should start with the "easy" part (The VFAT XFS) and get it
> working, and then move on from there. After all, a lot of people would
> probably be happy to be able to read/write VFAT-floppies or use VFAT
> on their TOS-partitions.

That's a good way, too.

> > Again, this was the reason of writting my yesterday's mail: you can't 
> > read sectors on DOS partitions. That's why XFS is useless.
> Not even with HD-Driver installed? I believe both MagiC and BigDOS
> needs HD-Driver to be able to read big DOS-partitions, it looks
> logical.

Well, under TOS you need BigDOS. BigDOS needs XHDI, which is implemented 
by HuSHI, HDDRIVER and CBHD. But HDDRIVER is not enough for reading DOS 
partitions, you still need the BigDOS ;-)

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