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Re: Minix crash

On Tue, 26 Aug 1997, Martin-Eric Racine wrote:

>  >There's no FAT problem on your minix partition, simply because minix 
>  >has no FATs. For repairing you can use fsck.ttp under MiNT (I guess the 
>  >usage is 'fsck.ttp X:' where X is the GEMDOS name of minix partition).
>  >
>  >But with KGMD it's easier to reinstall everything from scratch, I think.
> Precisely why I never will install Minix.  If/when a problem
> happens, you're dead meat; you data is lost for good. Not so
> under FAT, because there is a plethora of recovery utilities
> for standard TOS (ie: DOS) partitions.

Not entirely correct. You have fsck to fix up the filesystem, and
mfsdefrag to defrag it. I have found that fsck usually fixes all
problems without loosing data, although it *can* make a total mess of
the filesystem as well! It must be run frequently to avoid serious
errors to occur, if you do this (KGMD does it at every boot) you're
pretty safe.

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