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Re: Minix crash

 >On Mon, 25 Aug 1997, Per.Erik Peterson wrote:
 >> My Mint partition is not to exist anymore. Is there some Edge/Sentry-like
 >> program that will work on a minix partition as I think there is  FAT problem if
 >> I'm lucky.
 >There's no FAT problem on your minix partition, simply because minix 
 >has no FATs. For repairing you can use fsck.ttp under MiNT (I guess the 
 >usage is 'fsck.ttp X:' where X is the GEMDOS name of minix partition).
 >But with KGMD it's easier to reinstall everything from scratch, I think.

Precisely why I never will install Minix.  If/when a problem
happens, you're dead meat; you data is lost for good. Not so
under FAT, because there is a plethora of recovery utilities
for standard TOS (ie: DOS) partitions.

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