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Re: RE: VFAT.XFS versus MagiC

 >> Not affraid at all. I just wanna be able to read/write longnames
 >> in VFAT on floppies/ZiP drives formatted under Win95, without 
 >> having to completely change my current hard-disk. 
 >VFAT32 is for very large partitions only (very large is > 512 MB). So you 
 >actually don't need the VFAT32 for floppies and ZIP drives.
 >> Hopefully, the trend of ZiP cartriges replacing floppies will
 >> finally give us a much better way, if ZiP becomes a standard
 >> device
 >Yes, the much better way will be that only MagiC/BigDOS can read it. So 
 >you'll be then lost completely. Remember the ZIP is 96 MB large so you 
 >need the driver for >32 MB partitions?

Read yourself again;

first you say "VFAT32 is for large partitions of over 512 Mb" 
 then you say "you need the driver for larger than 32"
Unless I miss something, you're contradicting yourself.

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