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AB 060-upgrade (Was: Re: BSS Upgrades & German Fair info)

On Fri, 10 Oct 1997, Eonic Man wrote:

> What if The TOS ROM is replaced with a bootable MiNT kernal?  This way we can
> once and for all move away from single task systems and we can make MiNT the
> standard on '030 and greater systems.  Just the basic BIOS levels would on the
> ROM.  MiNTOS and MultiTOS deriviatives can be loaded into RAM off of disk. 
> Perhaps FENIX will allow '060 support.  Just have the basics on ROM to startup
> all devices on the system, then have the system continue loading the rest of
> the system off of the drive.

Like on the really old ST's with disk-TOS :-) But I'm afraid it's not
that simple; MiNT needs TOS to work, to make it 'bootable' you'll have
to add a lot of stuff. Fenix should work with 060's, but I don't know
if it will work independently of TOS.

It should be possible to burn MagiC into an EPROM now that it's
060-compatible, if you can manage with only MagiC I guess you can
order that 060-upgrade now :-)

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