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Re: Multitasking during disc access (was: Re: MiNT scheduling)

> AFAICR, the TT is even able to use SCSI DMA into TT-RAM, but I might be
> mistaken about that.

You have not! :-) The TT-SCSI is marvellous. Fast (uses 32-bit
accesses if possible) and can DMA into TT-ram!

The TT is still IMO the best computer Atari made if one looks at
the raw speed of the IO and Memory subsystems. Almost
everything including the SCC has DMA attached to it. Also the
ST-ram is 64-bit so that video accesses don't hog the bus
so much.

Needless to say it runs circles around a standard (and most
accellerated) Falcon especially with TT-ram and a decent
TT-high monitor.

Nuff said ;-)