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Re: MiNT scheduling

> I have observed that when a process is running under MiNT that requires a
> lot of processor time, for example raytracing, response to keypresses and
> mouse clicks seems to slow down significantly.
> Text mode applications seem not to be affected badly, but the response
> under N.AES can become very slow. (Usually N.AES is very fast.)
> This occurs even if I use Speedup to assign the highest priority to the
> topmost application.

Yes, I noticed the same thing on Falcon. I tried to run gcc in the
background and, while compiling something, I tried to write a text in QED.
But the keyboard response was too slow and any serious work in a GEM text
editor was impossible.

Actually QED's key response is too slow even without gcc running, just the
usuall MiNTOS stuff makes the computer slow. There's no such problem in 
normal MultiTOS setup (i.e. an AES without MiNTOS). I have no idea how to
solve it.

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz

** Ea natura multitudinis est,
** aut servit humiliter, aut superbe dominatur (Liv. XXIV, 25)
** U pospolstwa normalne jest, ze albo sluzy ono unizenie,
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