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Re: memory protection

> I am trying to configure my system to ENABLE memory protection.
> However, it seems MANY softwares do not handle this correctly.
>    Thing now refuses to auto-load by SHELL=C:\THING\THING.APP 
>    and I have to tell N.AES to load it manually.
>    AFTP locks the system as soon as I start it.
> I have tried turning on the GLOBAL flag. Doesn't work either.
> Since I have a TT, I would love to benefit from memory protection,
> but it seems even recent applications have a problem with that.
> Any ideas on how to fix this?

Actually teh memory protection mechanism in MiNT is not very useful and
it somehow makes me think its done wrong. So it would be another bug in
MiNT to fix. Why do I think so? Because the MP makes the system less
stable instead of more stable. Many "non-MP-aware" programs lead the
system to crash instead of getting killed.

Konrad M.Kokoszkiewicz

** Ea natura multitudinis est,
** aut servit humiliter, aut superbe dominatur (Liv. XXIV, 25)
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