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Re: memory protection

Hello Konrad,

  on Fri 14-11-97 14:10 you wrote:

 KK> Actually teh memory protection mechanism in MiNT is not very useful and
 KK> it somehow makes me think its done wrong. So it would be another bug in
 KK> MiNT to fix. Why do I think so? Because the MP makes the system less
 KK> stable instead of more stable. Many "non-MP-aware" programs lead the
 KK> system to crash instead of getting killed.

I have the same feeling. I usually run MiNT without MP because of this. For 
example I'm not able to run Cab under Multitos (with MP) without a crash of 
the system and technical information about PC, BSS and so on not useful for 
me. So I run Multitos without MP but it seems to act as if it was working 
in the reverse way as it should. (AFAICTell ;-) )

I'm not a "specialist".

P. Ricard