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Re: memory protection

Kristoffer Lawson <setok@fishpool.com> writes:

|> On 14 Nov 1997, Andreas Schwab wrote:
|>> Broken software deserves to be broken.  Any program that crashes due to MP
|>> is simply broken, because it accesses memory it doesn't own.  There is no
|>> excuse for this.

|> Yes, but it does so happen that lots of software like this crash the whole
|> system instead of just being killed by the system. This is not a sign of 
|> a working memory protection system..

The problem could be that when a non-MiNT-aware program is killed it
typically won't release any resources like changed vectors or the like.
Especially the AES would mostly be affected.  Remember that MiNT is not a
secure system.  Use Linux instead.

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