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Re: memory protection

Well I previously used memory protection and didn't have any problem, it
seemed to work quite nicely.

However I began to run out of memory so for a while I had memory
protection disabled. Now that I have more memory again (40MB this time,
should last me for a while) I would like to re-enable memory protection.
However I can't get it to work well anymore.

With memory protection enabled, my TT030 boots ok, but just as it gets to
the point where the login prompt should appear I start getting a long
string of errors. I forget what the error was (probably memory violation)
and I think it was coming from login (or was it init). The error would
keep appearing, about four per second until I reboot. Sorry this isn't
very clear, it's a while since I tried it.

I would like to be able to use memory protection again, but this problem
makes it impossible. Does anyone know about the problem or how I might be
able to fix it?

I have a system similar to KGMD, although not entirely identical. I am
using MiNT 1.14.4 (yes I know there is a 1.14.5 but I haven't got around
to installing that yet).

Any help would be appreciated.

Mario Becroft                        Auckland, New Zealand
mb@tos.pl.net                 http://www.pl.net/user/mario      |\__/,|   (`\
Tariland, Atari Support in New Zealand                        _.|o o  |_   ) )
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