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Re: vfat


> Funny thing. Vfat comes up again and again in this list. As I would say,

Probably because it is something many people want...

> it is not that easy. I have a started vfat-fs at home, with which I can

Nice one.

> browse through directories at least, but as the documents on that subject
> were not clearly for me and I am getting real sick of debugging and
> studying other sources, this will sure take a long time, till I am done,

Not so good. :-( 

> because I am also working on some stuff which is more urgend for me. 

How about releasing what you have, complete with source? Someone else might
do some more work on it...

> Anyone who started, too?

Nope... I thought about it, but I haven't got time, and probably not the

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