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gcc question

Hi, I have installed this gcc version, I used to have 2.58 and worked
fine. (well as expected).
This new version works, but somewhat, a little weird (imo).
Example, I compiled a little C program I used to compile no prob
before with 2.58. Now the prob is that the libs are called
Example, -lsocket before would call libsocket.a at linking. Now with
this new gcc it looks for socket.olb, no big deal I just have to
create some symbolic links, but well I find it weird, is it normal?
also another remark, It doesn't produce an output with X flag for file
attribute! so I have to chmod the output manually, is that normal?
Is there any gcc config file anywhere? I couldn't find it if there is. 

Also in the there is a file called "specs", it is not straight
ascii, what is this for? 
Any help more than welcome, thanks.

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