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Re: gcc question

On Sun, 8 Feb 1998, Katherine L Ellis wrote:

> This new version works, but somewhat, a little weird (imo).
> Example, I compiled a little C program I used to compile no prob
> before with 2.58. Now the prob is that the libs are called
> differently.

You can either use your old linker (the 'ld' that came with KGMD), or
install properly ;-)

Pasted from gcc-st.hyp (some text translated to english by me):

         cc1         (bin/cc1.ttp)
         cc1plus     (bin/cc1plus.ttp)
         cpp         (bin/cpp.ttp)
         specs       (lib/specs)

         as          (bin/as.ttp) (link this to /usr/bin as well!)
         ld          (bin/ld.ttp)
         sym-ld      (bin/ld.ttp)

         gcc         (bin/gcc.ttp)
         g++         (bin/g++.ttp)
         ar          (bin/ar.ttp)

         libgnu.a       (lib/gnu.olb)
         libgem.a       (lib/gem.olb)
         crt0.o         (lib/crt0.o)

      If the environment-variable GNULIB is set, the linker assumes
      it's installed on a TOS-FS and looks for .olb-libraries. If it's
      not set, it looks for .a-libs.

> also another remark, It doesn't produce an output with X flag for file
> attribute! so I have to chmod the output manually, is that normal?

Again, probably caused by the linker assuming it's on a TOS-FS where
chmod doesn't make sense. Try removing the GNULIB-variable. 

> Also in the there is a file called "specs", it is not straight
> ascii, what is this for? 

Ehh... I don't know actually, but it helped having it in the right
place :-)

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