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Re: stv52 and cursor positioning

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, Jan Paul Schmidt wrote:

  I wrote:
> > I want to re-install emacs on my TT, but I am having a problem
> > with vconsole terminals.  Emacs refuses to run on them, saying
> > that they lack the ability to position the cursor.  How
> > difficult would it be to add this functionality to vconsole?
> Vconsole has this functionality. Otherwise Emacs would not run on my
> computer :o)

That'll teach me for believing what emacs says. :-)

> Check '/etc/termcap'. Your vconsole entry (often stv52) may be wrong or
> incomplete.  The vconsole package contains the needed termcap entry, so
> just copy it to '/etc/termcap' and set the enviroment variable 'TERM'
> right.

I use the stv52 terminal type without problems with other
applications (except ncftp; perhaps that should give me a hint). 
The termcap entry is the original one from the vconsole

The funny thing is, emacs doesn't complain it didn't find the
termcap entry;  it just says it doesn't appear to have the
required functions. Does emacs use terminfo, or termcap?  If
something got corrupted, I would more readily suspect my
terminfo entry than the termcap one.

Anyone got a clean, compiled stv52 terminfo entry for me to try

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