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Re: stv52 and cursor positioning

On Sun, 1 Feb 1998, Yves Pelletier wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I want to re-install emacs on my TT, but I am having a problem
> with vconsole terminals.  Emacs refuses to run on them, saying
> that they lack the ability to position the cursor.  How
> difficult would it be to add this functionality to vconsole?

Vconsole has this functionality. Otherwise Emacs would not run on my
computer :o)

Check '/etc/termcap'. Your vconsole entry (often stv52) may be wrong or
incomplete.  The vconsole package contains the needed termcap entry, so
just copy it to '/etc/termcap' and set the enviroment variable 'TERM'

If nothing helps, set TERM to st52 and mail, that you are not willing to
use vconsole without all its features and that someone should send you a
working termcap :o)