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Mintlib PL48 beta-2

Hello all,

I have uploaded new diffs relative to MiNTlib PL47.  Those
incorporate a few more general changes, but most especially,
Helmut Karlowski's Pure C diffs.  Helmut's patches involved lots
of small changes in the main body of the lib, not just in the
Pure C directory;  as such, I am interested in reports from both
Pure C and GCC users. 

The patched lib compiles cleanly on my GCC setup.  I need
someone else to verify that it also compiles on Pure C.  The
patch can be found at: 


For the time being, I don't think I will release a binary based
on those diffs.  I want to give people a chance to look the
diffs over, and report on possible problems, before I spend the
time on a full build.  (Anyone got a cross-compiler on a fast
machine I could telnet to? ;-) 

Question to Helmut: in aesbind.h, the evnt_timer prototype
is redefined from

__EXTERN int	evnt_timer __PROTO((unsigned long Interval)); 


__EXTERN int	evnt_timer __PROTO((int lo, int hi));

I don't quite understand how one can suddenly have two
parametres in evnt_timer when there was previously only one. 



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