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VFAT! :-)


today I finally got upset from the shortened "abc~" filenames on VFAT
medias. I took Sven's utility for copying whole diskette and rewrote it.
The result is 'vls' (VFAT ls). It lists long file names just like DIR
command of M$ DOS 7.0, of any media, in any folder.

OK, but that's not the main reason for smilling :-). The vls was handy for
getting the long file name, but how to copy it easily? So I took PARCP,
disabled half of functions, throwed away the communication routines and
put inside the vls. The result is VFATCP :-)

Both tools were uploaded to ftp.funet.fi and will appear on my WWW page on
Monday morning. Hope you'll enjoy copying files from VFAT now.

BTW, now it's only a little step to real VFAT.XFS...

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