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Re: VFAT! :-)

Hi Katherine,

I cc:-ed this reply to MiNT list, in case anybody would have
similar question...

On Sat, 7 Feb 1998, Katherine L Ellis wrote:

> Hi, Well I am pleased to see that kind of tool, however as we all know
> a xfs woudl be more than welcome ;;;)

I though I could ask Julian for rewritting his Cookiefs to .xfs and
release source code as a skeleton for writting single .xfs... The reason
why I didn't write vfat.xfs was that I didn't know (and I still don't
know) how to write it. And minixfs sources are rather big for studying the
principle of xfs... 

> Well ANY media, hm on my cdrom for some w95 vfat long name has been
> used, and vfatcp report error rwabs

Files on cdrom surely are not stored in vfat format :-) Even if the cdrom
is written in a Microshit specific format for long file names, it can't be
vfat, but rather Joliet, for which we hopefully got SPIN from Julian some
time ago (though I heard it didn't read Joliet correctly?)

You mentioned MagiC displayed files on that cdrom correctly - well, MiNT
would do it too. It's a matter of SPIN, not MagiC's vfat.

So, my VFATCP is really able to copy files from any vfat media partitioned
in Atari compatible format (including the hybrid partition format of
HDDRIVER 7.12, compatible with both TOS and DOS). 

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