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Re: N.AES 1.2

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998, Emmanuel Curis wrote:

> 	And the file-selector uses its own window -> it doesn't block the
> system. But I didn't managed to do multiple-selection.

Haven't tried the file-selector yet, I'm simply too fond of Freedom
1.15 :-)

I also forgot to mention that the windows now have a (optional)
hide-gadget, and that you can minimize (Mac-like) windows by
right-clicking on their titles.

> 	More serious bug, at least on my Hades 40
>  1) Quit N.AES (with N.Closure)
>    -> one get the minimal N.AES menu with no desktop

Works fine on my Falcon/AB/MiNTOS.

>  2) Choose « Load thing »
>    -> every time, crash :-(

Same here, I haven't been able to try N.Thing yet :-( So there's
definelately someting wrong with N.Thing. I can't understand what, as
Thomas Binder says that the only difference between Thing and N.Thing
is that N.Thing only runs under N.AES. And all versions of Thing I
have tried has worked perfectly. 

> 	Well, I've got also some problems with it on my Hades (strange
> behaviour when starting : makes a white screen with coloured points, screen
> filles very slowly ; doesn't want at all to be launched except from N.AES at
> boot only).

In my case it just reports a bus-error and exits immedielately.

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