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Re: [MiNT] MILO - was fatal error handling

Hello Martin-Eric,

on Tue 08-12-98 10:03 you wrote:

>> OK, so please start at Behne and try to convince them to stop spreading
>> the disease called WDIALOG.

Fully agree.
>Spreading it is okay;  you don't _have_ to have sex with ASH...
>unless you use NVDI 5.** .... then, you are _forced_ to have it,
>unless you run MagiC.

Not exactly true. I'm using NVDI 5.01 on my Hades but I NEVER use WDIALOG 
unless a prg ask for it. So far I only have one that really needs wdialog. 
All my other prg's including Papillon 3.1 and CAB 2.7 runs quite happily 
without wdialog
>Obviously, this means MiNT users will purchase every remaining
>copy of NVDI 4.12 and use that... unless Behne get the message...

You need NVDI 5.01 if you want to use Papillon 3.01

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