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Re: Pine 4.05

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Daniel Pettersson wrote:

> I have no problem starting pppd after pine, but the thing that pine hangs
> in busy-mode has happened to me. This I haven't experienced in 3.96, but
> both 4.00, and 4.02 on Solaris. It also happens sometimes in 4.05 with
> MiNT. It happens to me when I eXpunge atleast one mail and have gotten new
> mail. I believe this is a bug in pine?

Now that you mention it, that is exactly when it hung here. I thought it
must be a bug only in the MiNT version, but if it hangs too on Solaris
then I guess it is likely a Pine bug. I suppose I shall have to avoid
using the expunge option, for now.

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