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Re: [MiNT] Pine hanging

On Wed, 9 Dec 1998, Mario Becroft wrote:

> The problem where Pine hangs after expunging from a mailbox that has new
> mail is probably just a Pine bug, since someone pointed out that it
> happens under SunOS (or was it Solaris) as well.

I found this from comp.mail.pine newsgroup:

> Sometimes I left Pine (4.05) opened in the window and not working with
> it for a while, and when I come back later I got the message: 
> Problem detected: "Received abort signal".
> Pine Exiting.
> Arithmetic exception
> Is it Pine bug and is there a way to solve it?
Yes and not yet. The problem occurs when you have
"quell-folder-internal-msg" enabled AND new mail arrives in an empty
INBOX. When Pine checks for new mail it gets the abort signal.

Not exactly same bug but could have something to do with it.
It has newer happened to me (yet) ...

> The other problem, where Pine hangs while writing a message to a file is
> as follows. I have found that Pine always hangs when saving mail to a
> folder with a filename beyond a certain length. That length is 24
> characters. Saving to a file with a name 24 characters long works fine, 25
> characters causes Pine to hang. I wonder if this has something to do with
> creation of the lock file and the limitation on the filename length. My
> minix filesystem is set so that the maximum length of a filename is 30
> characters. So if we have a filename of 25 characters, plus ".lock" that's
> 30 characters. Should just fit in, one would think. Anyway that's the only
> thing that came to mind, it may be a completely nonsensical idea or it may
> not be, I don't know.

This I can reproduce. I have created minix partitons with:
	minit -V -n 4 -P command and therefore it should accept 62
characters as filename. I tried to create folder with 70 characters
and pine hanged as you described...  

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