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[MiNT] Pine hanging

I just tried out the newer newer version of Pine 4.05, but the problems
still happen exactly the same as with the old version.

The problem where Pine hangs after expunging from a mailbox that has new
mail is probably just a Pine bug, since someone pointed out that it
happens under SunOS (or was it Solaris) as well.

The other problem, where Pine hangs while writing a message to a file is
as follows. I have found that Pine always hangs when saving mail to a
folder with a filename beyond a certain length. That length is 24
characters. Saving to a file with a name 24 characters long works fine, 25
characters causes Pine to hang. I wonder if this has something to do with
creation of the lock file and the limitation on the filename length. My
minix filesystem is set so that the maximum length of a filename is 30
characters. So if we have a filename of 25 characters, plus ".lock" that's
30 characters. Should just fit in, one would think. Anyway that's the only
thing that came to mind, it may be a completely nonsensical idea or it may
not be, I don't know.

I tried to enable the debugging messages, but after pressing
Control+Alt+F1 a few times, nothing happened. In fact none of the
Control+Alt+Fn functions seemed to work at all. Then again, it's been a
while since I used them. Perhaps it changed in the recent MiNT versions,
or maybe I'm just remembering wrongly the combindation of keys which must
be used. Could someone tell me if this is the case?

Anyway, by avoiding expunging messages from folders with new mail, and
keeping the filenames a shorter than 25 characters I have been able to
avoid any problems with the new Pine version. These minor inconveniences
are trivial beside all useful new features in Pine version 4.

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